Incessant Prosper 3 (unit #3255437532) 
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The respectfully obtrusive Incessant Prosper 3 PrayerMotor is brought to you by the
Fernhaggle Company Church, manufacturers of high quality intercessory devices. 

(1) It is the squeaky wheel that gets His attention, and 
(2) the Incessant squeaks incessantly.

Insist on Incessant - because when it comes to prayermotors, He knows the difference.

Praysumer Redirect's Fudember Product Review 
by Synthecca Wymith Faddell
In contrast to most reviewers, who consider only sensitivity, Praysumer Redirect also takes ease of interpretation and, more importantly, actual prayers answered into account when evaluating prayermotors. The editors note that hi-sensi prayermotors may be better at reducing false positives in supplicants who have recently given hiodi (false promises to improve), used muzzzad (crude speech) or ingested certain wowo wididity drugs.

Tested for: ease of use; quick recycling; quantitative sensitivity information about large numbers and arcane replies; numerous settings for "he/she" and "$$$" pre-praylets; contact information section detailing changes in akasha and reclaimed sensitivity levels. 

The most sensitive tests detect 201 to 25 moooGi hiuGi. Eliminating those sold only in bulk to professionals or not available in churchy discount outlets online, the best-performing products are the Incessant BigStepsUp, Heavenhealth's Infini Best, the CV Hunki Doori, and Golgoth's (always unconventional) Beats Hell.


The Incessant Halcyon is a little better

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