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Here they are
Great months, each in its own way. And we've got the Futzer Artman (check out February) working day and night to get each new month posted here in a "timely fashion." But if your favorite month doesn't show up right on the 1st, please be patient. Remember, the Futzer is not just cranking out great graphics, but doing all the perplexing computations necessary to bring you those fantastic 15 extra days.

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* January starts things off right - with a BONUS!
* February
has 30 days this year!!
*  March
on over to the 32nd of March.
*  April
comes with 2 free days!
*  Oh oh,
what happened to May?
*  June
sees us back in business giving time away...
*  July
- time for Culture (in an air conditioned art gallery).
* August brings the biggest bonus yet - 3 EXTRA DAYS!
* September is so much better with 2 bonus days!
* October Wot? No bonus day? Blame it on the bot, I say.
* November brings comforting (& exciting) News from Mars.
* December Is it the end? Think about it. (and look here)




How to grab your favorite month

Click on the link to the month you want.

When it is displayed, Right click on the image for a list of options ("Print," "Set as Background," "Save" etc.) and make your choice.

If printing is your goal, you can use File/Print, but this may add printed info at the edges. Some browsers may require that you save the image to your hard-drive first. You would then locate it on your pc and print from there.


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