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Adnob Inside Looks Out

Pandemic Art Gift


Editorial Illustration
The Amazing Gooliani

Curly's Shag Shack

It's a Deal


County Fair Unfair

Running Out of Oil

Scary Hair Book


Horse Race

City Life

In My Room

Little Music


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Budding Artist

Inside the Circus

Goodwitch Martha

May I Stay?

SuperSean & Nick

Where's Kevin?

Where's Kevin? Central Park

The Love Bug

Mom Works at Home 


Spot Illustration
Busy Office & Capitol Crumbling

Cell Phones & Knock, Knock

Spacebusters Col. Tom & Amy

See No Evil & Cook in Broth

2 Guys & Paleontologist Abe Linkon

Christmas on Mars & Carrot Stick

Nest Egg Angst & Stargazer

NY Times Illustration


Groucho Marx

The Bedside Book of Celebrity Bloopers

Saddam & Bush1

Big 3 Auto CEOs 

Dick Nixon Rocks

Clinton Serves Coffee to the People

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