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Nocturnia, a world (dimension?) subject to radical, unpredictable changes, is amply covered by the hard-working All News Dream team of talking heads (more specifically - mouths). 
Max HernphenfferThose wanting both divine and gubernatorial guidance should not miss AND anchor Max Henphenffer as he interviews Govenor Pat Ayaki.   Ayaki  describes one of many appearances made to him by Jesus Christ, and recounts their authoritative discourse on capital punishment, a subject close to the Govenor's heart.
Guido GavottInsightful Commentator Guido Gavott, was the first to support hairy Detective Mark Fur-man's credibility.  Gavott pointed out that Fur-man worked under Lt. Columbo at the LAPD for many years when it was standard procedure to move crime scene evidence to the home of a suspect (usually in shopping bags supplied by Lt. Columbo's wife) to shake up the suspect enough to get an on-camera confession which, not insignificantly, saved the taxpayer a bundle and made for much more satisfying endings than the courtroom botches we get these days.

Reprter Garr TheReporter Garr The - The wasted seaman turned investigative reporter casts his squinty eyes on the artsport of breadheadball.
Pat CarunchLifestyle Observer Pat Carunch helps city dwellers cope, offering cogent advice on such often overlooked subjects as How to Deal With Nighttime Cockroach Revelries on Your Toothbrushes.  

She is smart and she cares.

Robere ZidinskiMarvel at Robere Zidinski, AND's Psychic Movie Critic, as he presents his reviews of the hottest new films before they are released -- and without having seen so much as a flicker on the screen!


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